At Heritage Virginia Mills, we are about getting back to our roots.


Before the arrival of supermarkets and factory-baked bread, the miller and his mill were essential for sustaining life in early American communities.


Our goal is to bring back the essence of what the gristmills stood for: A locally-based service providing wholesome, natural food for the surrounding community, both near and far.

The grains in our products are non-GMO and organically-grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers.  


Our mixes and granolas are handmade in small batches, with the utmost attention paid to superior quality and deliciousness.

Like the millers in days gone by, we want to be close to the products we make and the people who enjoy them.


We are a family-run business located in the small farming town of Nickelsville, Virginia.  

Our desire is to create nourishing food with the highest quality ingredients.  

Please call or email us for more info on our products!  

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(276) 479-0389


127 Wampler St. Nickelsville, VA 24271


Heritage Virginia Mills - 2020